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Enjoy a global experience interacting with and living among students from Mexico and many other different countries. Socialize in common lounging areas where you can play, talk, watch TV, cable TV. Or, spend some quiet time in a study hall preparing for an upcoming exam.

There are 16 residence halls open to men and women, but none of them are co-ed. Seven residence halls are on campus and nine are off campus, only a few blocks away. The buildings vary slightly in their accommodations. For instance, some offer single or double rooms while others have apartments with two double rooms, each sharing a lounge and kitchen.

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If you're assigned a single or double room, it is furnished with a bed, desk, shelves, closet, wash stand, and mirror. The apartments include the same furnishings, but are also equipped with kitchen and living room. Please bring your own linens and a lock for your closet. Accommodations are available in select dormitories on a first-come, first-served basis. Depending on your dormitory assignment, bathrooms may be private, semi-private (i.e. shared by 2 dormitory rooms) or shared (i.e. 2 facilities per floor). And, if you rely on the Internet for most of your communications with friends and family, you'll welcome the modem hook-ups that are available in each room.

The residence halls on the Campus Monterrey have access to an adjacent semi-Olympic swimming pool. When you're not in class and need a well-deserved break, step out to the pool, soak up the sun and relax. For those who prefer to exercise indoors, Residence Hall XI includes a gym with workout equipment and a space for aerobics. Or, take advantage of the multiple-use courts to play basketball, volleyball or indoor soccer.

Additional facilities:
  • Laundry: Buildings I, XIII and XIV have self-service Laundromats. Buildings II, VII, and XV have laundry centers where, for a fee, you may leave your clothes for washing.
  • Cooking Facilities: Meal plans are offered in cafeterias. For Further information, click here. Also, common cooking facilities are available on-site.
  • Housekeeping: Services include sweeping and mopping of floors; cleaning your wash stand and windows; and dusting. Available Monday through Saturday, tipping is not required.
  • Mail: Mail is delivered to your room every day. Packages and certified mail are delivered to the Residence Hall's main office.
  • Telephones: You will be provided with a confidential personal code so you may make domestic and long distance calls from your room or on any phone in the residence hall.
  • Security: The entrance of each residence hall has a 24-hour security guard who also patrols the building regularly. Alcohol and drugs are forbidden on campus and in the residence halls at all times.
  • Free internet access in every room.

For further information about Residence Halls click here

Residence halls do have security regulations that must be observed.
You may read about them (in Spanish) online at

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